I have another slot open!!

If anyone is interested, please contact me via ask, fanmail, or email!

Thank you!

19 Sep 14 02pm

Commission for a client over email!

Absolutely loved working on this piece!

13 Sep 14 11pm
#art #oc #artists on tumblr

Needed to take a little breather from commissions, so I drew Amethyst!

29 Aug 14 11pm
#flight rising #fr #art #dragons

Hey guys!

I currently have two slots open for commissions!

If you’re interested, please email me at bitley@hotmail.com

21 Aug 14 09pm

2/2 commissions for pyralspite

21 Aug 14 08pm

1/2 commissions for pyralspite

Thank you for commissioning me! :>

21 Aug 14 08pm
#furry #art #furries #commission #bitley


Pose commission for Bohemian @ Chatlands

For Bohemians use only!

21 Aug 14 12am via shittycoyote
#gore #blood #horror


Pose commission for Teetonka @ Chatlands

For Teetonka’s use only!

07 Aug 14 01pm via shittycoyote