This was supposed to be a doodle, that turned into not a doodle because I found a pretty picture of a cozy room and I wanted to paint a similar one. 

But I guess this makes up for all the Theory/Argo art I draw. There isn’t enough of Argo and his actual husband. 

20 Jul 14 08am via shittycoyote


2/2 Pose commissions for Petal @ Chatlands.

For Petal’s use only please.

09 Jul 14 12am via shittycoyote


I finally got a hang of it. 

I have so many Bits!!

04 Jul 14 09pm via shittycoyote


Pose commission for Victorian @ Chatlands

For Victorians use only please.

26 Jun 14 05pm via shittycoyote


A short comic based on that AU/Theory if Ganondorf and Link were raised as brothers. 

21 Jun 14 03am via shittycoyote


It’s finally finished!!!

Might make it a print, but I don’t know yet!!!

19 Jun 14 04pm via shittycoyote


Another WIP.

I have no idea what that banner is going to say. 

I didn’t think this through. 

19 Jun 14 01am via shittycoyote


Anthro Marshmallow! 

13 Jun 14 03pm via shittycoyote


Also I made this ref for my sister of her lame fursona. 

He’s also Bitley’s brother respectively. 

06 Jun 14 10pm via shittycoyote


Pose commission for Bohemian @ Wolfhome

For Bohemian’s use only.

03 Jun 14 09pm via shittycoyote