Needed to take a little breather from commissions, so I drew Amethyst!

29 Aug 14 11pm
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Hey guys!

I currently have two slots open for commissions!

If you’re interested, please email me at

21 Aug 14 09pm

2/2 commissions for pyralspite

21 Aug 14 08pm

1/2 commissions for pyralspite

Thank you for commissioning me! :>

21 Aug 14 08pm
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Pose commission for Bohemian @ Chatlands

For Bohemians use only!

21 Aug 14 12am via shittycoyote
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Pose commission for Teetonka @ Chatlands

For Teetonka’s use only!

07 Aug 14 01pm via shittycoyote


Pose commission for Bohemian @ Chatlands

for Bohemians use only.

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Okay so I’ve named this dude Minou.

I’m still roughing this out, and forgive me on anatomy. I am not a bio major. 

So idk I’ll make some pointers.

  • Minou is two separate thinking creatures in one body.  Each use their own “mouth” for communication.
  • Although they are separate entities, they often speak and think in unison, giving the effect that they are one creature.
  • Sometimes will use he/him pronouns, but since they are a pair are more referred to as a pair.
  • Auxiliary mouths are used for communication only. Unable to eat/breath from.
  • Nostrils for breathing are located on their sides. 
  • Their main mouth has no bottom jaw, but a bug like mouth that opens to reveal a toothy esophagus which they use to eat. But resembles a tongue.
  • Their exoskeleton does change between purple and black. Depending on their mood or setting, they will switch between.
  • Their neck is fleshy, which allows them to swallow full portions of food with out chewing.
  • Teeth on the top part of the main mouth is purely aesthetic. I just like teeth. Don’t question it.
  • Exoskeleton is able to stretch and move similar to a rib cage.
  • No feet, just hooves. Their tail allows balance to compensate for that.
  • Usually seen with their ears back. They’re very big and sensitive, so putting them back limits the nose around them.
  • Minou means kitty cat or like kitty in french.

22 Jul 14 09pm via shittycoyote